Youth Programs

Creative project-based programs to engage the youth in learning, relating and community health.

Summer Camps

Our neighborhood summer camps provide safe arts and cultural programming for students in at-risk neighborhoods. Currently, we have Fresh Camps in Glenville, St. Clair Superior, East Cleveland and Buckeye. Students grow creativity, confidence and character by exploring their neighborhood's freshest people, places and attributes.

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Arts-Integrated Education

Using hip-hop song writing, recording and performance adds a dynamic, expressive element to the classroom. We partner with schools to create custom projects that increase student attendance, morale, and engagement while acheiving academic benchmarks and standards.

Workforce Development

Fresh Gear is one part of our Fresh Force, creative workforce development program. We give students a professional environment to learn skills in graphic design, screen printing, communications, sales and entrepreneurship. Shop our eco-friendly clothing today.


Taste the freshest food grown by Cleveland's youth! We pair local chefs with youth gardens for a tasting competition and fresh food celebration. This program supports new or existing youth gardens by motivating and empowering youth to dig deeper in their neighborhood or school garden and become creative, healthy leaders.

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