We want to thank all new partners for your generosity with this freshly printed shirt. In the next 10 days (ending August 25th) we hope to gain 25 new monthly donors to help us grow as a sustainable force for good in Cleveland. Your support will help us REFRESH THE CITY together through creative arts, community engagement and youth development. 


Two major health issues affecting families on the East side of Cleveland concerning lead:  LEAD POISONING and GUN VIOLENCE.

See videos. Hear music. Feel the message.

Refresh the Neighborhood

The Cleveland Film Company and Refresh Collective proudly present "Refresh the Neighborhood," a 5-part mini-documentary series featuring and highlighting five members of the Cleveland community. In celebrating these incredible individuals, Refresh Collective hopes to promote a future generation of neighbors and community members who serve out of love for our city/neighborhood!

Our project-based hip-hop-in-action programs motivate, educate, and activate students in personal and community development. The start-to-finish builds creativity, confidence, and character while achieving educational benchmarks and standards.

Students learn skills in digital music composition, lyric writing, recording arts, and public performance. Enriching experiences and critical thinking about our surroundings provide a baseline for youth voice to emerge.

Their music and message develop through collaboration with other students and guidance from professional community change recording artists. Through the creative, song writing process, students express experiences, perspectives, problems and solutions.

We listen carefully to what students are saying and give them opportunities to create fresh action, such as planting new neighborhood gardens, tasting the fresh food, silk screening our own t-shirts, and writing songs that promote our neighborhood farmer's market.


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How We Are Made Possible

Special thanks to our monthly donors, fiscal sponsor Famicos Foundation, and for generous support from the Cleveland Foundation, Cuyahoga Arts and Culture, St. Luke's Foundation and Neighborhood Connections. Also, "thank you," to the organizations we work with to serve students around Cleveland: CMSD, MC2 Stem High School, Collinwood High, Mary Bethune Elementary, Lake Erie Ink, the Music Settlement, New Directions, Famicos Foundation, St. Luke's Foundation, St. Clair Superior and Gateway Church. And finally, "thank you" to Stephen Bivens and Suzuran Photography for supporting us with great photos as well as Travis Pollert Film and Video and Terry Geer for supporting us with film and video.


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